Learn how to manage mutual clients who are Co-Shared between Mortgage Agents & Realtors

When Mortgage Agents and Realtors partner, they maintain their own NETTRAKK databases, and they cannot see each others’ clients. The sponsoring Mortgage Agent will only be able to see the number of clients each Realtor has, and no other personal information, as they are paying half of the subscription price. However, there may be times when there is an overlapping of mutual clients via referrals back and forth.

NETTRAKK cross-references the client lists to find any shared clients between the Mortgage Agents and Realtors to ensure that your clients do not receive any duplicate subscriptions.

Clients are considered “co-shared” when their email and home address are the same in the Mortgage Agents and Realtors accounts. When there are co-shared clients, both agents will be able to see just that particular client and their activity, but the subscription will only be sent to the client from the Realtor. Since Mortgage Agents are automatically co-branded on the financial content on every NETTRAKK Net Worth Summary of the Realtors client accounts, NETTRAKK will pause the subscription sent from the Mortgage Agent and default to sending it from the Realtor.

A Realtors co-shared client can only reach out to a Mortgage Agent in NETTRAKK regarding their mortgage or pre-approval queries. Each time one of their clients reaches out to the Mortgage Agent for financial assistance, the Realtor will receive a detailed email notification indicating what was requested. And if the Realtors clients are interested in purchasing a new home, they will have pre-approved clients ready to search for their new home.

Also, all client queries regarding their current home value or potential purchases will be directed to the Realtor only. If the client utilizes NETTRAKK to do a property search, they will be directed to the Realtors personal PURL. The Realtor will receive a notification email and also be able to track this activity “real time” through the Analytics tab in their account.

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