Automated Lead Generation Marketing Platform for Realtors

Helping your clients build wealth through real estate while you grow your business.

· Consistent personalized content to help you retain your client
· Multiple calls to action that encourage your clients to speak to you directly
· Analytics that provide a visual pipeline of your future opportunities
· Directs your clients looking for a new home to your personal website
· Co-Share with your Mortgage Agent and get straight to work with your pre-approved clients


NETTRAKK positions you as the trusted home value expert by providing your clients with their automated home value and equity position report every month! It also gives your already pre-approved clients direct access to your personal website to start looking for their new home!

It is easy to get started!

Upload your clients into your NETTRAKK account… and see the benefits of being top-of-mind as a trusted-expert!

Your clients will be hooked!

Every month they will receive their personalized home financial data right in their inbox. This professionally branded and customized report will help them track their home value and equity position as it changes with every mortgage payment and adjustment in market value!

Your clients can request a comparative market evaluation easily through NETTRAKK making the process simple for them, while driving more opportunities directly to you!

NETTRAKK also has various calculators that will provide your clients with insights on the opportunities that exist to maximize and build wealth.

Add a customized message to each monthly report informing your clients of current updates, or send an on-demand note with important market news as it happens!

Start the home search right away for your clients who have been pre-approved by your trusted Mortgage Agent partner.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself

– Henry Ford

Using the NETTRAKK app

Via our automated property valuation tool,
your clients can track their equity as the value of their home changes along with their mortgage balance every month!

Start the home search right away for your clients who have been pre-approved by your trusted Mortgage Agent partner.

Track every time your clients initiate a home search through your personal URL, and receive Comparative Market Evaluations directly to your inbox!

Your clients will love knowing how adding funds to their mortgage will save them money over time!

Your Investment

(and it IS an investment in the growth of your business!
NETTRAKK will drive transactions that should more than pay for your annual subscription).

Generate listings, purchases, referrals, and repeat business.

Realtors need to sign up as a co-share partner of a Mortgage Agent.
Please reach out to your preferred mortgage agent to see if they’re already on NETTRAKK.