Learn what to expect and the best ways to manage your relationship with a Mortgage Agent if you are thinking about or have already partnered with one on NETTRAKK.

If you are considering it or are already working with a Mortgage Agent, the key to a successful experience for yourself, your clients, and your Mortgage Agent partner, is to understand how the process works and how to manage expectations.

Co-Shared Clients

Your mutual clients will automatically receive NETTRAKK from you rather than the Mortgage Agent on any Co-Shared clients in NETTRAKK. The Mortgage Agent is automatically co-branded on all home financial content so your clients will be able to see their contact information in the NETTRAKK Net Worth Summary and be able to reach out to them when their help is needed most. You will receive an email notification when your clients have reached out to the Mortgage Agent for assistance keeping you in the loop. And once your clients have been pre-approved, this qualified opportunity comes back to you so you can get to work right away on their home search. This frees up time in your schedule so that you may concentrate entirely on client real estate enquiries.

Here is an example of what your clients will see in their NETTRAKK Net Worth Summary. Your Co-Sharing Mortgage Agent’s contact information is provided and your clients can reach out to them directly, and you will get an email notification as well with all requests for financial assistance.

Managing the Communication between your client and your Mortgage Agent

Here is when you can expect your Mortgage Agent partner to be contacted:

From the Refinance Section
• I want to learn more about my refinance options
• Can I afford another home
From the Pre-Payment Calculator
• Tell me more about this
From Search for New Home Section
• Can I afford another home?
• Request a pre-approval

Both the Realtor and Mortgage Agent will get an email notification from a Realtor’s client’s requests for specific financial information. And your Mortgage Agent partner can respond directly to this email from your client.

When your clients search for a home in NETTRAKK, if you have entered your personal URL into the Website contact area, they will automatically be directed to your website. If they are interested in having a Comparative Market Evaluation completed, this request will go only to you in your inbox real-time.