What is the NETTRAKK Net Worth Summary?

Your clients will be sent email access to the NETTRAKK Net Worth Summary every month to help them understand their existing equity in their home. By providing your clients with the valuable information they need to make informed financial decisions, this will position you as their go-to authority for expert advice. Each module within the summary has tips and calculators that are designed to engage your clients and make it simple for them to seek your advice, with clear calls to action and all queries coming directly to you.

What is the process of communication to your clients?

Your clients will receive a “Welcome Email” shortly after your client data base has been approved and uploaded into the system. And then around the first Thursday of every month, NETTRAKK will automatically send out an email providing them with access to their NETTRAKK Net Worth Summary. You will be able to add a customized note prior to each and every email that gets sent out ~ and you can even send out additional emails “on-demand” when relevant and important updates cannot wait until the next scheduled communication.

Note: once you have added a customized note, it will continue to be used for all future outgoing emails until you change it. If you want to change your customized note, do so by the end of the month, to make sure it’s in place for the next monthly email.

NETTRAKK will send out the email to all your clients every month regardless of whether or not if they have recently engaged in the application, as there is tremendous value in that monthly email. You have the ability to customize every one with a quick “hard hitting” message that can include anything from a current rate special, debt consolidation, changes to the Bank of Canada rate, current market conditions for a buyers or sellers market, or current days on market, etc., to get your clients attention. You can even simply ask for a referral of friends and family. When your clients read these customized messages, even if they do not engage in NETTRAKK that month, it will keep you top of mind for when they are ready to make a move, or if they know anyone else who is!

How will my clients contact me?

Throughout the NETTRAKK Net Worth Summary, your client has many opportunities to message you directly. These emails will show up in your inbox real time, with the specifics of what information they are requesting in the subject line to make it easy for you to start an informed conversation.

Can I monitor my client’s engagement with the Summary?

You can for sure monitor your client’s engagement in the summary! You simply log in to your NETTRAKK account and go to the Analytics menu page. From there you will see all your clients’ engagements in the various calculators including what days they accessed the summary, and what they were interested in. You can use this valuable information to reach out and have more relevant conversations that drive more business.

If clients unsubscribe, how will I know?
Your clients can unsubscribe via the automated email or directly within NETTRAKK . You can monitor who unsubscribes in the Analytics menu item under the Activity Feed tab. You can also use this as an opportunity to reach out to your clients for feedback.

What other value does NETTRAKK provide to me?

NETTRAKK Analytics will provide you with additional information about your clients interests which will allow you to mine your database for opportunities.

Within the Analytics menu tab, if you select Activity Feed, you will see all your client’s activities and interactions within NETTRAKK real time. You can also select a date range if you want to break it down to a particular timeframe.

Here is an example of some of the clients’ interactions you will be able to track:
• When they Logged In
• Accessing My Properties Page
• Completed an Auto-Valuation
• Used the Pre-Payment Calculators
• Calculated Refinance Options
• Requested Assistance Directly to You
• Searched for Homes

Through the Analytics Chart tab you will see your dashboard of activity based on your specified timeframe.

You will also be shown a comparison of the interest in refinances versus property valuations. In the Charting tab you can also track your next upcoming 10 renewals, as well as who was most recently looking at refinancing and pre-payment options.

The Clients menu tab offers a trove of valuable information to facilitate data mining to help you know where your opportunities for proactive contact exist:
• Mortgage Renewal Date
• Clients Birth Date
• Interest Rate
• Subscription Status
• Mortgage Anniversary Date