With NETTRAKK Co-Share you can Broaden your Network and Reach more Clients!

Real estate is an industry built on relationships and is no longer merely just a transactional one. The foundation for repeat business and referral opportunities involves having strong relationships between Mortgage Agents and Realtors, as well as their clients.

Time is a commodity, and Mortgage Agents and Realtors are often so busy that it is challenging for them to find time to connect with new business partners and expand their network.

Fortunately, the Co-Share program at NETTRAKK makes it simple.

Co-Sharing strengthens current alliances and even forges new ones in the homeownership arena. It is designed to initiate long-lasting ties with your agent partners, while interacting with customers in more meaningful and productive ways.

Engage Your Client Network and Make It Stronger

Mortgage agents, Realtors, and their clients can easily connect and have constructive conversations thanks to NETTRAKK. And consistently being “top of mind” within your network is key to securing additional business with profitable outcomes.

How much simpler would it be to connect if you had the opportunity to continually put your brand in front of your clients? Co-sharing is a virtually effortless way to help you accomplish this.

The Realtor is the homeowner’s real estate agent, and it is the Realtor that provides them with their NETTRAKK Net Worth Summary. The homeowner sees the branding of their realtor on the top and bottom of the summary, and the Mortgage Agent’s contact information on home finance information. The Realtor’s client can initiate a dialogue with the Mortgage Agent with just one click, and the Realtor will be copied in on all email requests to be kept in the loop.

NETTRAKK is a powerful and personalized tool for engaging homeowners as it provides dynamic data about a client’s home equity throughout their homeownership. Your clients will love it because it is a very simple platform to use, and they will have easy access to important information regarding one of the single largest assets they will ever own!

With NETTRAKK, a Mortgage Agent can sponsor an unlimited number of Realtors. And when a Mortgage Agent co-shares with a Realtor, they are positioned as the “go-to” home finance expert on every NETTRAKK Net Worth Summary. The Realtors client’s notification gets delivered every month, and every client engagement equals more opportunities for the Mortgage Agent to assist with the financial needs of those clients.

The quantity of new clients each sponsored Realtor brings in, will be added to the monthly client reach of the Mortgage Agents that take advantage of Co-Share with Realtors in NETTRAKK! So, the more Realtors a Mortgage Agent co-shares, the more clients they have the opportunity to help with their home finance decisions.

For Realtors, having a Mortgage Agent to co-share with in NETTRAKK offers maximum value. It provides extra features like the ability to have your clients be pre-approved for the purchase of their new home! And they can also work with your trusted Mortgage Agent to look for opportunities to understand the power of their existing equity, allowing them to purchase new and additional homes.

Meet New Business Partners and Build Relationships Rapidly

NETTRAKK makes it simple to leverage current relationships or, when necessary, establish new ones.

Realtors and Mortgage Agents can team up with their “go-to” professional (if they aren’t already on NETTRAKK, inviting them takes just a few minutes!) or discover a viable partner to work with. If you’re just starting out or don’t yet have a vast network, NETTRAKK Co-Share can help you connect with potential business partners doing business in your area.

Start Co-Sharing with NETTRAKK Today

With NETTRAKK Co-Share, you can strengthen business relationships, reach more clients, and forge enduring and lasting connections with new business partners. NETTRAKK will help you grow your business while empowering your clients to build wealth through homeownership.

Sign up today, invite your Realtor partners, and you can both start benefiting.