NETTRAKK is a truly unique “client-centric” and interactive marketing platform for Mortgage Agents and Realtors and their clients, and there is nothing like it in Canada!

NETTRAKK is “something different” that will add value and provide a new perspective on how you do business. Through its’ automated lead generation capabilities, you can expect to see immediate results as it will strengthen your client relationships with both past and current clients.

Product marketing is outdated and with more and more reliance on technology, consumer empowerment is the way of the future. When your clients engage with NETTRAKK it will provide them with insight on how they can utilize their homes as a significant financial asset, which in turn leads to increased wealth for them.

Client Engagement

The challenge we have today is trying to retain our client’s attention and stay in touch when they are being bombarded with information daily. The question is what would pique your client’s interest? It needs to be individualized and provide value and relevant information about something important to them ~ the net worth in their home.

Through engagement, the NETTRAKK Net Worth Summary provides exactly this on a monthly basis, opening the door to more personalized and engaging communications between you and your clients. The monthly summary “touch” also keeps you top of mind for when your clients are ready to make a move. And your clients will love tracking their equity as the value of their home changes along with their mortgage balance every month.

Generating Leads

Having a subscription to NETTRAKK is like having a marketing employee working all day to generate leads at a very nominal cost. In fact, closing one extra mortgage per year will more than pay for your annual subscription!

NETTRAKK will work to not only drive repeat business from your current and past clients, it will also help to generate new clients. And if Mortgage Agents and Realtors Co-Share it becomes an even more powerful marketing/listing machine.

NETTRAKK offers a competitive edge because it is a product that demonstrates your investment in your clients’ best interests. You will be viewed as a trusted professional who provides your clients with personalized actionable content to help them build wealth through homeownership.

Interactive Design

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to get NETTRAKK working to drive more transactions all while helping your clients make informed financial decisions. Most marketing tools require a lot of creativity, effort, and expense to create and manage the campaigns. NETTRAKK is a “set it and forget it” platform that provides the consistent and personalized content to be distributed entirely on its own. Once you have uploaded your client’s information into your account, NETTRAKK will access your database automatically every month to send out the access to your client’s custom monthly reports. And as an added feature, you can add a customized note every month keeping your clients up to date with important information. And if there is something more timely happening in the market, you can also send a customized “on demand” report with that relevant information.

NETTRAKK is easy and simple for both you and your clients to use. There is not a steep learning curve so you can get started right away and begin to see results!